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2FeverCommon ColdThe leaves of basil square measure specific for several feversThroughout the seasononce protozoal infection and dengue square measure wide prevailingtender leavescooked with teaact as preventive against these diseases7]

(1gangeya-campeya-tadid-vinindirocih-pravaha-snapitaymavrinde bandhuka-bandhu-dyuti-divya-vaso vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

The holy basil is additionally a flavoring remedy for lots of common ailmentsHere’re prime fifteen healthful uses of tulsi.

(1gangeya-campeya-tadid-vinindirocih-pravaha-snapitaymavrinde bandhuka-bandhu-dyuti-divya-vaso vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

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